Looking for feedback on my Tribute Page (newbie)

Hello all as the title says im looking for feedback on my first tribute page. I am brand new to all this and all feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi, is look good i wish u luck.
u should put this: < script src=“https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js” >< /script>
at the beginning of the html editor so you can check that you have complied with all the requisites

You have a lot of elements (h3, h4 and br) that are not allowed to be child elements of the ul element. In the html and css sections of codepen click on that little down arrow and the analyze link to see if your code is clean. Correct the mistakes that it lists.

Verify your code pen email address so we can view the full page rather than just the pen.

codepen gives the basics of an html page so if you’re developing somewhere else and then pasting into codepen you only need to include what’s in the body elements.

what would you suggest i do instead? The headers are for sections of text within the list.

Also i verified the email address so if you could look again that would be great!

Actually never mind i will just convert them all to Paragraph

I love music tribute pages. Man I think this would benefit from some album cover images. rather than “album sample here” over and over put an image that links to the video. Normally unusual fonts are not the way to go but in this case I think it calls for a bit more of a freak fest. Don’t be shy make a gory brutal page that captures the spirit of the music.
Rock on!

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I was thinking the same thing with the album art ! I I will def make that goal for my next page! thank you for your feedback!

This is what I did with mine. I’m more into the punk scene but still…dark metal is pretty cool too

feel free to get in touch if you need any help

I was going to say, you have a idea in mind and it’s a good one but there are things you’re doing that aren’t valid so you just need to rethink how you want to do it. But, from your subsequent post about converting all to paragraph I’ll wait to see your revamped page.

Good luck, I think you’re onto something nice.

ps thanks for the links that fallout track is awesome

you just have to change the view
select full page view

dude this is awesome digging the music too! I hope to one day have a place for all music lovers to gather. Like the facebook for music lovers haha! do you mind if i ask how long it took to create this masterpiece? And yeah fallout is super awesome. Just wish there was more music by them available :frowning:

@ChrisCline1138 I did use change view. When he first posted this he hadn’t verified his address so it didn’t work. That’s why I asked him to verify.

I did it over a weekend, my approach was first to do a very plain layout just having the basic text and html in there, running the test and once I got the green light from the test suite I started in with photoshop. I think make it work first and then worry about making it look good. (i think alot of people get hung up by going about it the other way) Your page passes all the test so you got that going there!

now look at it and start thinking how you would really like it to look, draw some sketches on a notebook search google for the right fonts play around with that. Keep in mind that you are not just creating code, you are making art that is an expression of you and your subject matter. make a playlist and crank it to 11.
If you get stuck on having an idea but not sure how to get it then do a bit more googling, reach out to the community, think outside the box and break some rules :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: for example the concept of using images instead of text is supposed to be a no no since screen readers can’t see it(the magazine cut out letters) I was thinking F#@k that rule, so what I did is to have the text in there but set the opacity to 0 then I gave the div a background image of the cut outs, if you highlight it you can see the invisible text. You are also not supposed to have a break in your h1 element but again F#@k that rule! (you don’t want more than one h1 in the page for other reasons that do make alot of sense) use the code to do what you want it to do. if it works it works

Yeah a music gathering place would be awesome but it could be as simple as starting a thread titled “share your music page” (might just have to do that)
Again thanks for the links I had never really heard much from this artist but I’m diggin it. It’s metal but I also hear alot of influences from the hardcore and punk scene. Its on my playlist now! thanks

my bad, misunderstood where you where coming from

thanks man. okay im going to redo it. I didnt put that much effort in to be honest. I want to redo it and actually try. yours will be an inspiration! Haha im so happy to hear that! I would give my leg to see them live. Too bad he died.

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Make sure to send me a message once it is done. Can’t wait to see it

woooow u really like music, me gusto tu pagina.

Nice one, it’s awesome, as were type o negative :slight_smile:

Maybe instead of album sample links, you could embed the youtube videos.