Looking for feedback on my Tribute Page Project before submittal

I want to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to look this over and help me out. I struggled a bit but am pretty happy with my first attempt at making a webpage. Thank you to the community here and to FCC for this amazing resource.

My Tribute Page

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Hey, looks good, but some things you’ll want to do.

  • You don’t need the <head> as CodePen pre-adds it. Just click the settings in the top left of the HTML section to see it and put all that code there.

  • Run your HTML thorugh a validator such as W3C Validator
    Ignore the first 3 errors and fix everything else.

  • Finally, for aesthetics, I’d add a little padding the the top of the information section so it’s more uniform, same with your bottom part with your Wiki link to keep it more in line with the rest of the page.

Keep at it!

Ok thanks I’ll try to make those changes. What do you mean by more uniform? When I look at it on my desktop or mobile to me all boxes are the same width? Would you mind clarifying so I know what I’m trying to fix?

Thank you very much

For the padding inside your boxes. On my screen the text in your list section is very close to the top border and the text in your Wiki Link section is very close to all borders. So, by uniform I mean the same padding in all your boxes so the distance from the border to the content is the same.

Edit: I figured out what you meant and added top and bottom padding to separate it from the border. Thank you, it looks much better.

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