Looking for feedback on Survey Form

Just finished my Survey Form project. This one took longer than the tribute page…I got stuck on some silly discrepancies getting it to pass with a 17/17 (for the longest time could not figure out why my radio-group test wasn’t passing…). Let me know if there is anything that can be improved or does not seem quite right.

Currently I have it set up for full display and a media-query I thought would be suitable for mobile displays (max-width: 600px). I intend on making a mid-way point for minimized windows but for some reason having a second ‘@media’ (max-width: 900px) seemed to be cancelling out my mobile one. I don’t know why, I will work on it.

Sidebar: Is a max-width of 600px too small for a media query intended for mobile? Would it appear be extremely small when shown on a mobile device with a HD screen (1080px+)? I understand this may be the wrong place to ask, but it was relevant to my project.


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Hi @mjusi!

I really like the font and colors you chose, this is an excellent work!

Keep it up!