Looking for Feedback, some CSS Help

Hey all,

I’ve recently launched a personal website (www.stefanhodgeskluck.com) that I hope to use as a portfolio as I develop projects. In the meantime, I’m also using the site to advertise availability for freelance services, because it would be kind of nice to get a little money while I’m working on my coding skills.

I’m having a particular issue with the website at the moment, but would also be interested in general feedback on the layout, design, etc.

The current issue:

The header leaves a tiny sliver of whitespace on the left, that makes the whole thing asymmetrical. I’ve tried adjusting the width of the header, and tried adjusting its position relative to the left side of the page, but neither option seems to be working. The whitespace went away when I made the #welcome-section element a fixed position, but then that screwed up the rest of my sections’ positioning.

My code is here. Any advice would be helpful! I’m particularly looking to fix that blasted whitespace sliver, but I also know I need to do work on making it more responsive, and I’m sure there are fancy CSS tricks that I don’t know about that may make my life a lot easier!



It’s the default margin on the body. Zero it out.

Marvelous. Thank you!