Looking for feedbacks on Product Landing Page created as part of FCC Curriculum

Have completed designing and developing the product landing page as part of FCC’s Responsive Web Design curriculum. I have only made use of HTML and CSS concepts being taught in Responsive Design Course. Please, have a look at my page below and let me know your suggestions in terms of design and development…!! Thankyou… :slight_smile:

Product landing page

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Hi !

It looks cool but maybe there is a problem with your img src, the logo appears as broken and shows the alt content; and when <870px screen, your navbar items are not aligned anymore


Also, the gradients are a bit much on the page. That’s the only real problem with the page; it looks great!

Hi @Groucha, Thanks for reviewing the page… I kept the logo image in private github repo and forgot… Fixed that out…Thankyou…:slight_smile:

#1 Not compatible with cellphones, please refer to image.
iPad is compatible, but nothing smaller, probably margin/padding/px issue.

#2 blur at the top is way too much.

#3 The transitions over the headings made me think I could click them lol.

#4 first Image’s width is reduced to be responsive, however, height is not, giving it a squeezed look when window is changed.

Like the design.

@Jutkus Thanks for your review…!! Have fixed the logo…and would work to resolve the other issues…!! Thankyou…

@RyanHuang06 Thanks for your review…!! Would try to improve the design… Thankyou…:slight_smile:

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Have a nice day and good work/time/fun to enhance the page

:eye: Perhaps let us know when you do it ?

Page looks good @mailmeatshraddha. Some things to revisit;

  • When clicking on a link in the navbar the top of the section is underneath/hidden by the navbar. Maybe add some top padding.
  • When clicking on the submit button you should check to see if the fields are filled in and throw an error message if not. You learned to do this when you did the survey form.
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Sure @Roma…!! I got it… Thanks alot to take out time and review the page… Would implement the suggestions today…Thankyou…!! :slightly_smiling_face: