Looking for free hosting with SSH

I’m looking for free hosting with SSH - I’d like to give it a go.

I can’t find anywhere with free SSH access.

Thank you!


Unless you can spare a few dollars a month, or even a year, it might be somewhat hard.

I quickly googled and the closest I could find was the site below, but with the restriction that you can only ssh through their web interface.



Okay, thanks. That’s a pity.


Amazon Web Services


Yes, it’s only a year. But realistically, you wouldn’t know where you’d be in a year. What they offer you free of charge is so much more than what you can expect of free web hosting providers.

If after a year you get hooked on cloud hosting, you may look into the cheaper alternatives. Such as Digital Ocean.


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Not free but the website lowendbox.com reviews many different server hosts on the cheap.

Hi you can try https://www.000webhost.com and https://www.cloudflare.com

Hi Abishek

I have a www.000webhost.com account. I can’t see any way to use SSH. It says specifically that you get SSH with “Premium” (= money)…

Have you actually managed to SSH to your free 000webhost.com account? If so please explain how…

It is only available for the premium service and not the free one.

Thanks for clarifying. Abishek’s other suggestion, cloudflare.com, is not a hoster.
A fairly extensive search now, several days, tends to suggest to me that you can’t get SSH with a completely free a/c … other than Amazon Web Services, about which I know nothing and am going to look at…

Amazon has a free tier for their EC2 service, which does allow ssh access. In fact I only use it with ssh access…I couldn’t even tell you if it was possible to use EC2 without ssh!

Thanks… went for 2-year Hostinger.com VPS in the end, reasonable cost, not totally panned on the review sites.

Unlike AWS: https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/amazon-web-services-reviews/
… but if it’s free … and you’re an expert. I couldn’t make head or tail of it!

I guess it really depends on what review sites you choose and what your level of knowledge is/willingness to RTFM.

The site you’ve linked lists 48 user reviews for AWS, which is incredibly tiny.

In any case, my personal and professional experience with AWS has been quite the opposite of those unhappy 50 people. The documentation is thorough and readable (compare to Azure, whose docs I’ve found consistently out of date, nonexistent, full of dead links and references to features that aren’t actually available yet, etc). The abundance of (happy!) users means there are endless articles/guides/etc to get one started even without the docs. I’ve found it easy to have a positive experience there.

Your mileage may vary. Perhaps update us down the line with how your chosen setup works out :slight_smile:

hi all, looking for my first hosting service. And I don’t know which better. When searched google it showed me these compare of web hosting sites:
IPage, Bluehost, 1&1, GoDaddy and HostGator. Can you say which is better, who has better customer support?

Search under the Reviews category.