Looking for friends/mentors to help keep me focused

Hello everyone,
I just recently started coding and I am enjoying it so far. However, I can get distracted quite easily and can get frustrated with myself. I was thinking if I surrounded myself with other coders I will have a better chance at staying on track. I was wondering if any of you would be a mentor type or even just a friend I can have to help me stay focused and give me some guidance. Thank you.

I can’t commit to consistently being there but you can always check in if you want some encouragement! In the meantime I suggest you read the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport and train yourself to get less distracted by phones etc… It was an absolute game changer for me. I’m also finding the app ‘forest’ on my phone handy to discourage me from ever checking in with my phone when I am learning to code. Also, I keep reading, don’t expect to be able to do more than about 4 hours really productive work max in a day anyway. Good luck!

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You also can try joining one of FCC cohorts (https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/part-3-seeking-eager-campers-to-join-fcc-cohort/55393)

Thanks for the book suggestion!!