Looking for guided projects

Hey coders! Ive been on FCC for a few months now and I’ve worked my way down the curriculum. I’m currently in the middle of the JavaScript algorithms and data structures portion and I have to say I love javascript! Unfortunately I really do not like playing with HTML and CSS. I just can’t seem to get it and I find it somewhat boring to learn.im wondering if you all could reccomend some nice fun interactive project guides such as the tutorials FCC posts on YouTube? Just enough to learn what I need to be proficient in html and CSS. Thanks you!

Tldr: I’m looking for fun projects with associated video guides so help me learn CSS/html without getting bored.

Well, I would start by saying that dealing with boredom is part of life. To succeed at anything, you need to be willing to dive into things that don’t interest you. No matter the subject and how much you love it, there will be parts that bore you. If you really want to succeed, dive into those and try to turn them into strengths. I’m sure doctors don’t love suturing, but they know they have to learn it to succeed, so they do.

That being said, I dislike HTML and CSS too. I had a job interview a few years ago. There was a complex toy React/Redux app they provided that I had to modify. Now, I was comfortable with React but I was just starting to learn Redux. I worked my ass off. When they evaluated the result, they said that my React and Redux was great. What they didn’t like? My CSS. Now, I don’t know if I would have gotten that job, but I would have at least made it to the next round. So, what did I do? I went and got a thick book on CSS and worked through it. I still don’t like it, but at least now I’m decent at it and I know what it can do.

As to youtube videos? I think that is a great resource. I don’t think I would have learned React without it (I learned it before FCC had its React section developed.) I don’t know what would be a good place to start. I really enjoyed Brad Traversy’s videos, but I think those may be using more advanced libraries.

There are videos of people doing the various FCC projects. Why not look those up? Especially if they’re
ones that you’ve already done - you can see what other people did differently.

I would just dive in and try a lot of different code along projects. Or sometimes you can just watch. You’re going to learn something from each one of them.