Looking for html and css project

Finally I Got The HTML And CSS course done… i did some project during freecodecamp course and created 1 popular first page of a website but i think i should practice more
Now im looking for creating some static webpages to master css codes.Is there Any noneprofit projects i can contribute in ?

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maybe i dont understand that totally, but i have addon(extension) for chrome. old version 2.4 and new version 2.5. I need to get one exact function from old version to the new version. I dont understand this problematic, but in this addon is folder name “css” and “js” so maybe it is something, what you understand and can help me?

Yeah actually my Email is <redacted>
im still looking for a project

Hello there,

I have redacted your personal information from an earlier post. This forum is public, and frequented by bots looking to abuse (spam) personal information like email addresses.

If you trust the receiver, feel free to use the personal messaging feature of this forum to send personal information.

Thank you