Looking for ideas: code jobs with the potential to help others

I couldn’t find a better title as I’m not an English mother-tongue.

I have begun my code-learning journey here on freeCodeCamp one year and a half ago, and my intention now is to start applying for jobs soon - ready or not.
Recently, though, I’m thinking that, ideally, I’d probably need my job to have some meaning other than the money. It doesn’t have to be something big. For instance, I remember this little app released after the pandemic started: it was able to tell you how long the queues outside the markets were. That was something small, but I remember it was helpful.

So, I’m looking for suggestions here, and also random ideas.

I don’t want to sound too idealistic or dreamy, but I guess I’m looking for a coding job that could be of service in some way.
Thank you


Hi @Marco16168 !

The good news is that there are a lot of companies around the world that provide a lot of value to the communities they are in.

In my situation, I work for a company that provides a lot of educational materials and builds cool apps for the JS community.
That was something that was important to me and one of the reasons why I was interested in applying.

I think you should decide what values are important to you and seek out companies that align with those values.
Check out company sites and social media channels to get a sense of their core missions and goals.

Then start building connections with people who work there.

In my situation, I was interested in some of my company’s open source projects and started reaching out and contributing. I also noticed they had some meetups and other live events and decided to start attending those.

After months of connecting with current employees over various tech topics I decided to apply and landed the job.

That would be my advice for you.
Find companies that align with what you are interested and slowly build out connections with them.

You never know where it will lead :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, @jwilkins.oboe .

Your advice is so practical, and that is precisely what I need right now.
Sometimes, even if I know my goals, I can’t see how to reach them with clarity, so you’re helping me a lot by showing me the steps that brought you to your job.

Side note: I’m a musician too, and I often think how cool it would be to be able to unite these passions into a job.

Have a great day!

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