Looking for Javascript based frontend positions, please review my CV

Hi Guys,

Just updated my CV with the #FCC certificate I’ve managed finishing. I’ve nearly finished 3 but I either skip the projects or take too long to finish them :slight_smile:. I’m currently mainly applying for frontend development jobs that are centred around using React or Vanilla JS.

Here’s my CV:

I want to say, any sort of feedback, whether negative or positive is greatly appreciated!

The recurring notion I assume employers make to my CV is:

  • Lack of formal CS training “how does he know how to programme? and if so is it effective?”
  • Does he have any experience with anything related to the current opportunity (frontend development, web development)

I’m hoping the inclusion of the certificate can help patch up the lack of “CS training”.

Your CV looks impressive and overall the ui looks gr8t.

Will love to have an msword copy