Looking for JS library to push data to Bootstrap like frameworks

Hi Developers,

I am prototyping my API services with Python Flask and I absollutly love it. But the hard part for me is to connect these API`s to actual controls, like Bootstrap.
Is there simple/easy to learn JS library that can:

  • Retriev data from API, by supporting paging
  • Generate HTML from that data in pointed place, for example table
  • Is small on works on client side(Browser)
  • Has authorization functionality

Maybe there is bootstrap like framework with built in JS to work with API`s?
Any suggestions and links to tutorials, examples and video are welcome.

Paging and authorization should be handled by your server software (client side authorization literally makes no sense and makes me giggle a bit). It sounds like you’ll just be making REST calls and templating HTML, so you could use the fetch polyfill and HandlebarsJS. How you handle authorization and paging is entirely up to you.