Looking for language recommendations in social services field

Hi All

I am new to coding, trying to figure out where I belong. I finished the HTML and CSS coursework and am now working on projects. My plan is to move on to Java next.

I have a background in Psychology and would like to incorporate this with survey design, testing, compiling and interpreting results, and I am looking for language recommendations.

So glad to be here. Looking forward to one day having enough experience to contribute to the forum.

I believe you mean JavaScript.
Java is a different language, and they are named the same only because the creators of JavaScript wanted to “build on the hype of Java”, but overall they are pretty different languages.

JavaScript is the language of the web, and is the third and final pillar of the web. Together with HTML and CSS JavaScript is essentially everything you see on the web, at least within your browser window.

Java on the other hand is a general purpose programming language that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and is used in a variety of places, for a variety of tasks from banks and financial systems to your microwave or DVD player.

I’d consider these 2 to be more or less separate topics. In that survey design is seperate from any programming languages. You could use any language to build surveys. Generally, a programming language is just a tool to build things, what you build with that language isn’t necessarily dependent on the language itself.

There are advantages and disadvantages in using such languages/tools in certain scenarios, but the general concept of a survey can be done in basically anything.

There are topics such as data science, which focuses more on analyzing the data itself, which might be of more interesting. Where a programming language like Python is usually more commonly used due to all the data-science libraries and “ease of use” Python provides. Again, the language is just the tool.

You can contribute by helping others within the forum now. You might need to lookup help/solutions, or go off the experience you do have and try your best. You also might learn a thing or two by trying to help, so it can be beneficial process even with minimal existing experience.

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Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me - as you can tell I am brand new to this world.

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