Looking for learning resources to get smarter about deployment

I have slowly realized that getting into front-end development is way more than learning how to code; it is also about learning about the build process and deployment.

With the coding part it is pretty clear where we start( HTML / CSS/ JavaScript and then move on to libraries and frameworks for different purposes). But with deployment it seems I need to dive into a very different domain knowledge that I don’t even know what to name.

I have found a few many step by step guides. Deploy [x]app on [x]technology in ten steps. Rather than blindly following a guide without understanding the context I would like to understand the basics and get wiser about the build and deployment processes in general. Where is a good place for me to start?

Hey @Magwit,
I found a nice article here (a bit old, but I think it’s a good place to start).
Since there are many tools out there, I think it would be best for you to understand what you want to learn and choose one deployment environment to follow.
A simple search in Youtube grants many many results.

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Hi @TomerPacific Thanks for replying to my question. I think you are right about choosing one deployment environment rather than to learn all at once. Maybe I’ve complicated things for myself, but I’ve started to learn about Webpack which bundles code for deployment. Next step would then be to choose where and how to deploy.

There are a lot of possibilities, depending upon your needs. Like a fellow camper said before, you may go for webpack. I would advice you to try automatization solutions like Grunt or Gulp, that make you win hours of boring code, and allow you to further automatize tasks with their bots in command line . I assume you know npm already

If you use a good IDE, all these tools are integrated already, or by plugins, so you may use them straight in the IDE as you might use only the command line. You’re not obliged to try them all, they’re all good, you may just pick one and stick to it. This list is far from being exhaustive. What you want is adopting a stack of techs to be more efficient by winning time. These packages allow you to automatize almost everything, so the learing curve does worth it.

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Thanks @GwadaKing

I remember when I started learning to code. There were many false starts and dead-ends. I have the same lost-in-the-woods feeling all over again when it come to figuring out deployment.

What got me into Webpack is that I am learning Vue.js. In the tutorial I am following we use Vue cli setup with Webpack. ( the other option is Browserify )I have seen loads of tutorials that get you set up with Vue cli, but none of then show the endgame; make the build and put in online. In my case I want to use github pages. So I have a very practical starting point, but things got complicated fast.