Looking for mentor or others to connect while learning

I don’t know if this is better suited to the general category but here it goes:

I’m starting the FCCamp CV. I have some very minor experience with HTML and C, mostly embedded.
I run my own website and I want to be able to do cool things in programming and HTML, ultimately providing a content hub or business opportunity and I think becoming a developer can certainly help with these.

Being Self taught, however, is a challenge and I am looking for others, which are just starting, to have regular calls and catch up - sort of group where we can connect and have something to relate to each other.

I’m taking my time with the courses. I want to know what is available and take notes of it, so as to give me the best chances later. So I plan to cover the lessons fully, take notes and make some sort of project at the end.

A mentor would be nice as well - if someone wants to volunteer and share some experience.
It seems, as with most IT/Engineering jobs these days, experience is always required, but for people starting it is hard to get this sort of experience in the first place.

Many thanks to all who comment or want to take part!


This sounds like a great idea! I would be all for a way to connect to learn off each other. Maybe like a discord channel for anyone that’s interested? Being self taught and looking to break into the developer field as well, we could have some sort of group project? That would give some good real world experience in working with a team, which is definitely something that other’s and myself are probably needing.

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On this forum you have a community of thousands of people who are here for you when you have questions, need help, want advice, or just need to talk something through.

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I see from some other posts you appear to have some background level experience - what kind of things would you like to connect about?

I’ve only been coding for 5 months so I would say that I’m still fairly new, and there’s a lot of aspects that I know I need to work on, like working with a team. So like writing more concise code / layout which can be easier read by other developers is something that I need to work on. And there are loads other more principles and ideas that I’m clueless on that we could learn from each other.

That being said, for not coding that long I probably wouldn’t be qualified to mentor much, but I can give any insights that I can as well, which could also help reinforce my understanding on certain concepts a bit more.

That sounds great. In the whole scheme of things 5 months might not seem like much, but certainly you’ve been through mistakes I have yet to find. And I agree on that team working. I have previously worked as a home based engineer where the team was all home office based and while it seemed great at start it ended up being a real nightmare as there was no real collaboration, but there was a lot of pecking order!

What’s your end goal being here? I have an electrical engineering background, so part of my my goals are to add an extension to programming with embedded devices and web based apps for IoT. I just learned about this cool HTML canvas and I think its a great way to interface some of my embedded (ESP8266) projects to a real web-server or just simply create tools that can emulate code in real time.

This will tie in nicely with some C code I wrote yesterday to draw .bmp from a small micro controller, for example. to give an idea or my sort of work.

Yeah I definitely went though a lot of mistakes. You’ll find yourself googling issues to come up with a solution a majority of the time.

I think building a some sort of large web application would be what I would want to end up doing. I don’t have any knowledge of about backend, I only know JavaScript, but normally been using Firebase for the database when making web apps along with React JS, so that’s where I’m kind of at right now.

Thanks. Back end is definitively something Ill have to learn about at some point, but seems quite far at the moment. My priority now would be front end.

I think I will start a thread with daily or weekly progress and also post some content on my blog, as a sumary. Guess it would be nice for others that want to take part and also for the group to kind of know where everyone stands in case they have questions in a specific area.

I’ve been coding for 9 months now and i think i would still call that “Just starting”. As regards joining a group to connect, i’m down.

Hello , I am not that good at coding , I would like to be a part of this !

I feel you on that end, I’m front end and am looking into learning backend once I get my foot in the door. So definitely far I. The future for me too!

I think just creating front end designs such as landing pages, etc would be a great start. Which is why I would think it would be cool somewhere down the line we could get a group going and build something together in that end.

Great idea. Count me in.

Hi all,

I created a google form for those of you that would like to make part of the group.

Once I know more or less what we all need I can get started with some content. Happy to start next week if everyone is available.