Looking for more information on design theory for UIs

Hey campers,

I am on the CSS Applied Visual Design: Complimentary Colors challenge and read the following:

“Color theory and its impact on design is a deep topic and only the basics are covered in the following challenges. On a website, color can draw attention to content, evoke emotions, or create visual harmony. Using different combinations of colors can really change the look of a website, and a lot of thought can go into picking a color palette that works with your content.”

With that in mind, has anyone found good articles or websites on design principles? Maybe we can create a sticky for this, or if not, is there already a great thread in place?

Kind regards and glad to meet you all!

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Good question, this is part of web methodology I believe.

Reading about generic accessibility practices(either web, app, mobile,…) could help I believe.

Also consider Apple’s guide for UI/UX especially for iOS. It’s true it’s not about web, but guids are great and so helpful for web and other UI/UX designers, since Apple is so strict and serious about it hopefully.

If I remember or any ISO/reference about it, I will inform you of course.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming