Looking for peers to learn web development together

Ukachukwuchima298@gmail.com am very much interested

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please check some of my other posts in this thread, and you will find the answer.

Hey, we share the same passion , please add me in your group. My email is emilyjason60@gmail.com


I’m just trowing everything up to do a deep dive into IT.

I mean, I’m sorta in the process of firing myself (from current job, not setting myself on fire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), with a planned schedule of at least 6h/day of coding. That’s a long process so I’ll be in transition until January when hopefully I’ll have finished moving already.

Still, I’d like to join up if possible :+1:.

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I’m in. The more the merrier.

Im up for it!


So, @ywvlfy; I will join, help to provide hints and answers for the new coders, and learn new things myself.

Hi There, i am interested, my email id is aarohanjamwal@gmail.com, plz add me to google hangouts.

hi, i am a new web developer and i am interested in you group chat so this is my e-mail shaikhwasay200@gmail.com


I would like to be part of the hangout group.

My email address is tchalesjrr@gmail.com


I’m really interested.pls pls pls my email Id yussufi41@gmail.com

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hello everyone! since I have been getting so many replies on the original post (linked above) a couple of my friends and I from the group chat decided to make a survey form for anyone still interested in joining. only have about 4 active members at the moment so we are still looking for peers to add to the team! the survey will be linked below, cheers :slight_smile:


Hello group ad me to the group dvlpadm@gmail.com.



I’d like to participate, only if there are video calls I can’t be there
However, if you want to add this, it’s my gmail:
If you accept me, do I still need to edit the form, @ywvlfy ?

I recently restarted my progress… I’m currently at Data Visualization section.

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Hi , I tried filling the survey form but however couldn’t submit .
here’s my email tshepomolefeda@gmail.com i would like to join in .

Hi I am also interested in working and learning together