Looking for people to learn blockchain and crypto technology together

I’m currently learning Ethereum Blockchain using solidity, anyone wants to join and learn together?


Yeah…Am interested

@nerohoop , @Apogee, I’d certainly be interested. What’s your experience with coding and plan??

Bros? @Apogee @nerohoop

You might find this useful: https://www.fullstackweekly.com/category/learning-paths/bitcoin/how-does-bitcoin-work-part-1-the-billcoin-address

Thanks @JohnnyBizzel

I found smart contracts to be overly complicated and have instead switched to blockstack

They have community rewards, signature bounties and are really a supportive community like this one.

I do not mean to distract from your desire to learn Ethereum. I started there myself. I’ve learned more about blockchain in 3 days than I have in 3 months of banging my head.

What’s the idea of your project. You can easily enroll the GameCredit and promote it there in the future. It’s a blockchain-based platform for app developers. It has a 20% less revenue fee than play market. You can read an article on medium about GameCredit with bittrex exchanger. I think it will be a great boos for you in your endeavours. Just be persistent and never stop learning new things.

Are y’all still learning Solidity? Just curious where you guys are in your learning journey. @nerohoop @Apogee @otis632

If you guys are interested, I found this article who explain the basics of the blockchain :

I suppose that before learning programing smart contracts, a brief blockchain knowledge is necessary.