Looking for (perhaps a beginner or somewhat experienced) coding buddy

As the title suggests, I am looking for a coding buddy, a somewhat “newly beginner” or someone with a bit more experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
I honestly don’t know a single soul who codes, and I teach myself through various methods. Funny enough, I don’t use freecodecamp to learn, mostly because I learn in different ways or have found better ways of remembering content. So browsing through my profile in freecodecamp will end up with low results of progress.
I am currently learning javascript, pure javascript. Syntax is easy, it’s the deeper understanding of methods and properties including the functionality to incorporate it all into self made projects to help understand and remember code more effectively.
So my goal, and conclusion, is to buddy up and learn JavaScript together more in depth, and use what we learn to make fun projects. I don’t want to learn a JavaScript framework until I havd master it and can explain 99% of JavaScript. If your interested, please hit me back up, thanks for your time👍

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I am having some trouble staying motivated and would love a coding buddy to catch up with/keep me accountable! Please let me know if you are still looking and we can swap info!

Yeah sounds good to me. Here’s my personal email to stay in touch, canadagame@yahoo.com. So what is your goal with coding and what do you know so far, also what would you like to accomplish? As far as myself, my goal is to eventually become a back end developer, even if that takes 5 years, that’s the goal anyway. In the mean time web design and creating fun projects with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is great with me. The language I know consist of HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery basics, Bootstrap, drawing with SVG’s & JavaScript Canvas, and a good foundation with understanding of JavaScript. I’d like to accomplish learning JavaScript thoroughly in and out, then moving onto some frameworks after. I’ve been studying JavaScript on and off these last two months. That’s my summary anyway, what prevents you from staying motivated?

@J-Wisemen - I am also a pure javascript guy here you can find me trying to find a pure javascirpt solution to a vert common problem of duplicates in array - Vanilla javascript for duplicates not working

So if you want you can join me on discord … or any other way you want , this is how you can search me on discord and add - jinisner#9060


Yeah that sounds good to me, I’ll get in touch and thanks for reaching out. Looking forward to talking and perhaps working together.

Seems like you have found buddies to work with you. But I was also thinking to connect with some people here and do 100daysofcode challenge together and be on twitter. If you are interested in this, but looks like you guys are ahead of me. Also, it will really help to connect, work together on similar goals and I also don’t have any friends who does coding. As I feel discussing small encouraging here is not good for forum and and we can do it there. Let me know if anyone is interested, but I will post under new topic too