Looking for portfolio feedback - any suggestions welcomed

Hey everyone, I was just looking to get some feedback on my portfolio site. I used the design from stripe and coded it all “from scratch”. I thought this would be a cool way to show an ability to code a given design, while putting my own touch on it.

I mainly used grid and flexbox for the layout, and made custom svgs. I’m sure it’s not nearly as “clean” as the original, but I made it a point to do it completely without reference (other than color scheme).

Any feedback or criticism would be great.



Looking good! Congratulations!

Thank you! It took longer than I anticipated, but I learned a lot about CSS in the process.

Looks great, man. Maybe the only little detail is that I’d change the Bitstrip avatar and change it for an actual pic of you or an illustration with another style.

Thank you, that’s actually one thing I wasn’t sure about. I had a real picture, but it didn’t seem to fit the style of the site as well. I was also considering just making it look like an interface on the phone and not have a picture.

Do you know of any other good ways to turn myself into a different type of illustration?

Well, I’ve just found out this site haha.

It seems that you need a premium account to download you avatar without the water mark. But I’d personally go with that kind of simple and even generic style. Anyways, ofc that lays in which kind of personality you want to project.

Awesome, thank you! I’ll check it out.