Looking for programming partners

Hello everyone, hope all of you are fine.

I am a beginner in competitive programming (1568 rating codechef), and I am looking for people who are interested teaming up in learning and practicing cp. I am eyeing 5* codechef and 1800+ codeforces in the next 6 months (I know it’s hard, but it’s imp due to personal reasons). So any intermediates or beginners interested in the above please comment or [via direct message]

Stay safe, have fun

I have deleted your emaila from your post to avoid it being included in spam lists by the many bots that frequent this forum

Sure, thank you for that. I will keep this in mind next time.

What is that rating codechef?
like Chess grandmaster rating?

I am sorry, I didn’t understand your ques you can visit the codechef site, they have rating details there. As far as I could understand your doubt – 1568 is 2* rating, best rating is 7*. 1* and 2* are usually beginners, 3 and 4 intermediates and so on.