Looking for resume feedback

I’m a college junior who is in the process of applying for Summer 2020 software engineering internships. I just recently updated my resume and would appreciate it if anyone can take a look at it and give me feedback on the format/content/wording. Thanks!


You’ve got some good bones in this resume! Here’s my advice.

  • Move skills to the top and make sure it has the skills you’ll need for the internship that you have. Adjust them for each position.

  • Work experience comes 2nd in order, then put your education.

  • If you’ve won awards or placed in competitions, put that after skills

  • For each of your bulleted items, vary the verb you start with. You use “Assisted” way too much, also it makes me think you held someone’s drink while they did the work.

  • Instead of listing the tasks you did, convert them to some outcome you achieved or accomplishment the work led to. Very first one, what did one of those websites enable for its users?

    Hope this helps! I also wrote a book on getting a job. There’s a link in my profile that will get you a chapter on writing resumes.