Looking for SMS API's

Hey campers, firstly i’d like to thank this site, it’s community, and the developers, for making this a great learning experience. After learning so much useful material from FreeCodeCamp, I began learning more about web hosting and started to host my own sites. After feeling comfortable with this, I began to seek clients for some freelance work. I currently have a client that want’s me to design a scheduling app for his website. The way I want to implement this, is have his clients schedule appointments and then send him subsequent text’s about that appointment. I was wondering if any campers had any experience with SMS API’s and could recommend some good ones.

Try sinch sms it is easy, relialble, and affordable.

Used Clockwork for a hackathon and it worked a charm https://www.clockworksms.com/ (Get some free credits to try as well!)

However I’ve also heard about Twilio being very good! https://www.twilio.com/

Well, I know of two options:

  1. Twilio - twilio.com - A paid API that lets you send text messages
  2. E-mail Messaging - You’ll need to know the carrier. You can try this api to look up carriers, but to send the message you’ll need an email account and a way to programmatically access it. I found this nice long list of carrier emails. The advantage to this 2nd option is that it’s (mostly) free.

You would definitely have to write a small program program to do the texting. However, most third-party sms gateway providers do not permit you to test their services for free. Luckily, https://www.thetexting.com/ is one of the very few which gives you some free credit to test the integration.