Looking for some feedback, porftolio page

Hi, i´m Ignacio and this is my first time looking for some nice feedback here.
I just finish my portfolio, it´s a litle bit of a mess but i´m getting better at the thing, any comment on how can i improve would be really appreciated.

make sure your viewport is 100vh :slight_smile:


animation credit on js to coding snow :slight_smile:

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Hey @nachowxtm, when I first open your portfolio I see the menu items at the top and the social media icons on the left narrow strip, but nothing else shows up. I have to manually scroll the page a little and then your name will appear. I really think you want your name to appear immediately.

Also, I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar as I narrow my browser window.

This doesn’t really seemed like a finished portfolio since you don’t have any projects and the About Me sections appears to be questions that you need to answer. Or maybe I am missing something here?

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You are correct sir :slight_smile:
im still working on it, thx for your comment.
I’ll fix that for sure

@nachowxtm I think it is well done, the colors are nice and the interactivity is sharp, yet unobtrusive. :+1:t2:

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thank you so much bro

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Hi @nachowxtm !

Welcome to the forum!

I think your page looks great.

Just a couple of things.

I don’t think you should have any inline css.
style="border: none;
I would move that to the css section.

I would also get rid of these style tags and move that over to the css section.

            scroll-behavior: smooth;

In codepen, you do not need to include the head, html and doctype.
That is already provided for your in codepen.

I would personally get rid of the script tag and move your javascript over to the javascript section.

I don’t think you should use br tags like this


Use css instead to create space between elements.

Hope that helps!

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