Looking for someone to do the Front-end Projects with

Hi guys!
As the title says I’m looking for someone to do the Front-end Projects with.
I’m currently at the Local Weather one and then I have to do the Advanced Projects.
I have no problems with doing the projects, it’s just that I get waaaaaay too bored doing them on my own :smiley: .
If you are at that stage in the FCC Map and you speak fluent English please reply, then we can use google hangouts for example to be able to share screens and voice chat.

we can start after few hours.just ping me.

ok we can talk on google hangouts or the discord app, but i prefer hangout cuz it has screen share. Add me as a friend on Hangouts: georgiewivan@gmail.com or Discord: kawerte#1791.
I can’t code right now. We can either start after 4-5 hours or tomorrow.

ivangeorgiew are you out there??