Looking for Study buddy (Javascript, CS50)

My study plan is : Odin Project Javascript, and CS50. I’m looking to find anyone who wants to learn alongside me and discuss what we learn. I don’t have work so my schedule is flexible (i am in michigan, EST).

Hey, I’m in New York City. I was learning on freecodecamp but I slowed down a little. I recently took a look at the Odin project course. how long have you been coding?

hi ive been studying for 3 months now, i started with freecodecamp and odin project html, css courses. i did freecodecamps javascript course, now im doing basic javascript on odinproject. odinproject is harder and theres more documentation to read. but im still a beginner dont know how to solve coding problems by myself just yet (i tried codewars on the easiest level, that was still a bit of a challenge for me lol). how often do you study?

also started doing cs50, but its not my top priority.

I’ve been coding for 2 months now. I have a good grasp of html and css. I’m still learning javascript. Even then I’m still open to try some challenges and also try building some simple projects together. We can connect on telegram or WhatsApp.

Hey, I just started CS50. I have prior knowledge on programming so I’m pretty much going through the course quickly. We could connect on discord : PineTree#7349

Maybe we participate on here as well. Would be nice.
Count me in if you do not mind please.

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