Looking for Team Mates to Join CS50 Puzzle Challenge

We are looking for team mates from Free Code Camp to join the CS50 Puzzle Challenge. Puzzles will not require prior programming experience, just logic and smarts. All you’ll need is a computer with Internet access, a pen or pencil, and scratch paper.

Facebook Event Page

If you are curious about what kind of puzzles we are talking about, here is the CS50x Puzzle Day 2016 Solutions.

If you want to join a team in FCC, please fill in this form.
Do you already have a team or still looking for team mates into your team?
Register your team or contact a team leader here.

Solve a packet of problems!

Open to CS50 students around the world (and friends). Team of size 2, 3, or 4 encouraged but not required. You can collaborate with your team in person or online. Event itself is online.


  • After registering, your team will download a packet of puzzles (written by our friends at Facebook) anytime on or after Friday, 31 March 2017.
  • Your team will then have until the end of Monday, 3 April 2017 (in your own time zone), to solve as many puzzles as you can. You’ll submit your answers online.
  • Your team is welcome to work on the puzzles online or in person (by yourselves or alongside other teams).
  • A few days after Monday, 3 April 2017, we’ll release some postmortems on video in which we explain the (correct!) answers.
  • Prizes will be awarded pseudorandomly to (a few) teams who answer the most questions correctly.
  • All teams will be featured on a Big Board that announces how many puzzles each team got right.

Every member of your team should register here anytime before 23:59 on Monday, 3 April 2017. Invite friends. You’ll be asked who your teammates were when you submit your solutions.

Looking for team mates outside Free Code Camp?

See this article for last year’s results (and sample puzzles).


Yeah , I know about it. And I am interested in joining your team.
Edit: Also, I am currently a member of Beluga in Chingu cohort so if you want I can ask for more participants from there.

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This sounds intesting!!! I am down. :smile:

Yes, sure! I just wanted to provide a way that FCC members can team up to join this challenge. If you want to be contacted to join a team, just fill out the form and then register for the event.

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I tried to fill up the form. But can you please tell me where to put the cohort name. I just see the Other field and the I am not in a cohort option. Thanks

I changed the form to make it easier to fill that one out. :slight_smile:

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I’ve signed up … I best get started on the CS50 course!

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I created another document for those who want to register their teams to make creating and joining to teams easier. Check out the team list here.

To all FCC members, Puzzle Challenge started today, puzzles have already been posted. Just check out the Facebook event page and be sure to register yourself. All the info you need is in the first post. Have fun. :slight_smile: