Looking for Tribute Page Feedback (Tribute to Embiid)

Hi! I’m looking to get feedback on my tribute page so I can make my code better and cleaner.

Here’s the link: https://codepen.io/shuli/pen/QBKdWg

This page is really nice. Very simple, but it’s super readable (both page and code). Great job. You did misspell “1st or 2nd best player on his team” though. Screencap for reference:


If you are wanting to improve the code even further, you can research HTML5 tags and replace some of your divs with appropriate HTML5 tags (ex: sections). And then for CSS you could maybe look into BEM or some other CSS convention and convert, but you really don’t have a lot of CSS there so it’s probably fine as-is.

Again, very nice work :pineapple:

LOL I admit I laughed. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I do like how it looks so I hope to further improve on it and use it for a portfolio piece.

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