Looking to be a front-end developer?

Hello, guys I’m trying to start to become a front-end developer and I’m looking for some guidance on where I start and what types of coding books and website’s that can help me start my career as a front-end developer.

Any advice or guides will help me thanks.

Hi there. This website (freeCodeCamp) teaches this subject. (Click on the Visit Curriculum link in the header above).

You can earn a certificate in responsive web design to start with by selecting the first course.

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Hey, I’m using freecodecamp. But I’m just wondering if there is any other resources I can use to study. Also, would I be able to put these certificates in my resume. Also i wanted to know if I can become a front-end developer if I don’t go to a university.

You can indeed use the certificates gained from free code camp in your resume. However certificates alone aren’t enough. What you need to do is to make projects of your own.
There are countless resources on the internet to learn web development. Free code camp is among the best. The way they teach coding is unique, something I’ve never seen before. As long as you work hard to learn the curriculum and don’t skip the projects you’d definitely become a successful and confident web developer capable of making almost any website you can think of.

If you like video courses take a look at Udemy’s web developer courses and free code camp’s Youtube channel.

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Just google stuff when you need them. It’s not like “classic” learning where you need a stack of reference books. Everything is online and is constantly changing. I find mdn to be a good place for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reference. The docs are always a good place for any library. Stack Overflow is good for general questions. But google will pop those up with a well worded question.

Also, would I be able to put these certificates in my resume.

As mentioned, you can put them on your resume (I did) but no employer is going to say, “Wow! This guy has some certificates from an online, free self-paced, self-evaluated bootcamp!” Sure, put them on. But the real value is what you learn, what you build, and what you’re staged to build after you leave the boot camp.

Also i wanted to know if I can become a front-end developer if I don’t go to a university.

Sure. It’s a little easier if you have a CS degree. Baring that, any degree helps. But yeah, people do get hired with no degree. If you can build a killer portfolio and convince them in the interview that you are professional, self-motivated, and detail oriented … then yeah, it can be done.

Me, I studied a little programming decades ago and had an non-tech advanced degree. I got a job. I’ve worked with people with CS degrees, with other degrees, only had boot camp, and were only self-taught. Some companies will only hire CS degrees. But some like a mix, some even prefer non-uni people.

I don’t know if there is a technical job out there with such a strong degree infrastructure out there where a person without a degree can still shine.

It’s not easy or fast, but it can be done.

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Alright, thanks. I’m sure I will land a job in the future for front-end developer I will just take my time and learn new skills and create more projects thanks for your advice.

Hey, thanks for you’re advice I’m for sure going to look at some youtube videos and Udemy.


Some extra tips for the start:

Get a Github account (if you don’t have one already) and learn
how to store your projects in repositories. That’s a big plus you
can put in your resume when you used Github from the start.

Bookmark awwwards.com and thefwa.com and look at the latest
web design/ web development trends. You can learn alot trying to
find out how some of the effects you saw were developed.

You will also get an idea what to put into your portfolio. Rebuilding
award winning sites (parts of them, most are made by big teams)
is a good way to show frontend skills to future employers.


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