Looking to connect with people that can relate

I have 4 kids that are age 7 and under. My youngest has a heart condition and one of my other kids has autism issues. I’m learning to code on FCC because (1) I have had an interest in Front End Dev for a long time and (2) because I’d like to have the option of working from home a few times a week or having a bit of a flexible schedule. I’m doing small chunks of the FCC challenges every night in the midst of my schedule that is completely filled up. Most(every) day I don’t get everything done on my “to-do” list, but I’ve recently put FCC as a priority. I’m looking to connect with other parents who are learning to code and people that can relate to my situation. Even if you don’t have kids I’m just looking for friends and people to talk to. I don’t do social outside of the house much because I just don’t have much time for that.

Well, I can’t relate to your home situation, but many of us can relate to your situation of being pulled in several directions.

I might suggest that instead of looking for people with a similar situation, maybe just seek coders - get yourself completely out of the mindset of home for a few hours a week. It’s often recommended to check out coding meetups. It’s a great way to get experience, make connections, and get inspired. Perhaps you can have your significant other agree to have you carve off a few hours on a specific day and time.

Just a thought. I know it’s easier said than done.

I’m a guy at 32 who had to move home to mom and dad due to sickness. Not so fun. And I can’t go out much either. we are 3 siblings. Mom struggeled a lot of bringing us up. I know a household can be difficult and i salute you and sympathize with your situation.

Hope everything works out. I am a little shy and I guess we dont have so many other things in common. except coding?

Well… just wanted to drop a comment and good luck on wherever life takes you.

It seems easy to get a conversation going on this forum if you ask about a freecodecamp problem you’re stuck on - or request feedback on your solution - or just share thoughts on topics of interest to this coding community like interview prep and job hunting

I’m not a parent yet but I can relate to wanting to code for a better future. There is definitely a ton of us on these forums. Like others have said, keep posting your questions and concerns regarding your learning/career path and hopefully the answers you get will guide/motivate you along the way.