Looking to get a better look on mobile devices-Technical Documentation page

Hi everyone,

Today I have finished my “Technical documentation page” but I am not happy with the interface when I open it with a mobile phone.
Can anyone give me a help?

In what way are you not happy with it?

If I open it on a smart phone, I can see mainly the navbar and the body with text is to way to small and cut.

I haven’t checked mine out in a smartphone yet, but my solution is here. I actually started with the mobile design, so my coding might be a bit different, but I made the navbar go to the top in mobile view like the example. Then, I put a max height and auto on it so people could scroll down my long menu without it blocking the screen.

Ultimately, I think a drop down top-menu might be the best solution for mobile. Or a “hamburger” menu that toggles, but I don’t know how to do that yet, and I think it requires Javascript.

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thank you this very helpful, I will check your solution.

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