Looking to pair with someone for project (GMT timezone)

Hey, I am looking for someone to build a website with. Preferably this person will have a good understanding of at least HTML and CSS however I am not looking for an expert as I feel I won’t take as much from the experience. I would like to be able to talk over Skype at least occasionally while we build the website.

I have an idea in mind which I think could be some fun! I think there will be a lot of room to work on CSS keyframes/animations and transitions after a basic design has been created.

If you are interested in pairing with me for this project and possible more projects afterwards then please reply ASAP!

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

Hi Adam, sounds intriguing, I’d be willing to pair with you. Experience wise I’m a self taught hobbyist who would ideally like to make a career out of it, I’ve reasonable knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. I do have a live website that I built for my wife which you can check out if you like to see what I’m capable of.


Availability wise, i’m free to code most evenings and weekends, unless the family beckons.

Sounds good! I like your website, I actually made a website a while ago for my now ex girlfriends artwork.

Do you have Skype?

Joel that’s a lovely website. Really nice work.

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Thanks, I found my wife to be a tough first customer!!!