Loot Gen for Rogue-like Game

Once I got my Front End cert, I began reading and watching videos. I decided to write a rogue-like game to learn more. Applying what I have been reading made more sense for me. This is a loot-gen I quickly threw together. I need to clean the code (restructure for the rest of the game) and change the style a bit ( the redundant stats and color scheme). But I am really happy that I created this as easy as I did. It is the first thing I have coded without researching, i.e writing it was very fluid!

I have started taking notes on what I want to code ahead of time. I even have some drawn up for refactoring this. It has made the actual writing simple. I started this process with codeFights while practicing algorithms / basics, and this is the first time I have wrote something since developing that habit.

Loot Generator

Would love some feedback!

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Perhaps add a Generate new loot button to re-run it.

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Agreed. I F5ā€™d it after being stymied for a few seconds. Works well, but even testing UI is good UI.

Iā€™m working on something similar myself. With React I can call a random value or fire a button event and then update the component state to refresh the page.

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