Lorem Ipsum Generator . REVIEW

A simple Lorem Ipsum Generator web app that i created using pure vanilla js and Restful API.
It would be great to get some reviews .
[Note : Not mobile first approach cause i doubt anyone would use a Dummy text generator in mobile.]

The app is running live here : :point_right:Lorem Ipsum Generator
(UI is inspired)

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Very nice project, I really like the presentation of your app.

Two things I would suggest:

  • The Copy button doesn’t give any visual feedback that the text has been copied into the clipboard. My idea would be to change the buttons text on click into something like “Copied!” and after 3 seconds revert to the default text. That way the UX would be improved.
  • I can see in the JavaScript that you are using all the latest ES2015 goodies like classes, async functions and more. That’s awesome, but remember that there are users with browsers that might not support these features yet. So, if browser support is a concern for you, you could add Babel to your project to compile your JS into a more supported version. It’s also a great exercise, because Babel is used in almost all modern JS projects these days and an important skill to have!

Aside from that, well done :slight_smile:


Thank you for the review. And yeah i also thought of adding a tooltip functionality for showing a ‘copied’ message on clicking the copy button .And the fact is that i completed this project yesterday night and i was damn sleepy that time. so instead of typing a lot of code in jquery and css to add a simple function i switched to materialize css for its simple tooltip quick fucntion. But it broke all the code lol. so i didn’t use it and left it that way to add that functionality later.But And now when you have mentioned that thing i would definitely add that functionality .
And thanks for the browser support recommendation specially the Babel compiler i had no idea about it before.i will keep that in mind.