Lorem Ipsum HTML problem?

so basically I took a 5 line lorem Ipsum graph and placed it between my paragraph tag and LOAND BEHOLD, it was all printed in the same damn line on visual studio. The entire text is placed in one line. I am taking about ‘Visual Studio’ not the website itself.
How can I solve this problem?

It’s generally more useful to not wrap lines in code, hence why word wrap is off by default (HTML/XML are common formats that are often easier to read with it on). Toggle word wrap on, I think it’s ALT+z, or look in the View menu

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Thank you very much.
Peace :smiley:

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Hi I have a challenge I have the similar problem, I did all the steps but the test returns this message " The main element should have two paragraph elements as children."

I need to understand how to indited or wrapper the test after inserting the second paragraph

If you post your code it would be easier to explain to you what the issue is

Anyway, indentation has nothing to do with nesting elements, it is just a visual help for the human, the machine can understand code without indentantion. For the machine, the important part is the relative position of the elements