Losing hope, don't know what to do

Totaaally, learning music makes you solving better the troubles. (Really, idk how that it works)

Yeah wim hof method is awesome! Do you use it as well? I’ve been doing some ice baths lately but not too much ice yet

Ankit tension na lo ; because hardwork beats the talent when talent doesnot work hard. You never know what tomorrow may bring!! I believe God gives you the grace to do what you heed to do…

Hey, I will be quick:

I am 27 years old.

I started learning web development the 6th of April this year (through FreeCodeCamp and Udemy). I rushed most of FreeCodeCamp’s certifications (at that time there were 6).

The 7th of September, after just 5 months, I was starting as a Junior Backend Developer.

I don’t feel like being late at all. Just have to keep working harder than the teenagers to catch up. :slight_smile:

Three important points:

  1. If you take FreeCodeCamp, do the projects. As simple as that.
  2. Portfolio. You have to build things. If you can do something, you have learned that.

…Keep in mind you get paid to Google things up. You don’t need much memorization.

  1. Apply to jobs. Even if you think you are not ready yet. For some companies, you probably are.

…Don’t be too picky on your first job, maybe? :slight_smile:

Hope it helped. I am sure you will be a real pro at 27!


Yessir. Albeit I don’t have a bath in my apartment so a shower has to be sufficient for now!

Before covid hit me and the girlfriend were scheduled to a ‘certified’ course of the breathing techniques etc but everything became cancelled of course.

Perhaps if more people learned this method than covid would be like getting your hands dirty :). In a way it’d definitely wouldn’t hurt as the method also essentially trains you in oxygen (and co2(yes we actually need a small amount of this apparently)) deprivation.

Also I happen to like the cold if I’m not at my desk working. Makes you feel alive.

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Awesome! I had that same limitation when I was trying this out a year ago. I hope you guys get your certification still soon. It’s pretty cool you are into the Wim Hof method together.

It was a unfortunate that the pandemic conversation almost never had anything to do with citizens boosting immunity which is not limited to just cold water exposure.

I find it perfect for me because I used to absolutely hate cold water. I think it is that much better and a more conveniently available of a challenge, now I look forward to the cold bath/ shower generally more than I look forward to working out.

@Ankit006 Don’t give up! You got this! Coding is tough and takes patience. Take some time to think about things and don’t rush. Really understand your code. Sometimes just turning off the computer and relaxing for a while can be good. I have even found that I have got some answers to coding problems. Keep going you got this! :smile:


Indian here I just want to say don’t worry about your age and degree It doesn’t matter what degree you have and you are at perfect age If you have made some projects then built a portfolio and showcase your project there and start applying for jobs in angle list as a frontend or full stack(if you are good at it). don’t give up India is not so different from US in terms of IT industry. There are lots of Indian who got their first job without and degree and I’m doing same I’m at 12th grade and after 12th I’m gonna start applying for job before going to collage and If I got one(which I’m sure I’ll get) I’ll not go to collage If you want to know what kind of portfolio to built then you can get Inspiration from my site https://siddharthroy.netlify.app/
PS: I’m also from middle class family and small city

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When are young people going to realise that the computer does not care how old the fingers are that are typing on its keyboard? Those people who think 22 is too old are not worth your time. Ignore them and prove them wrong. How old are those people telling you that you are too old?

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22 is definitely not “too old” but there is definite ageism out there in the tech world. When people get into their 40s, there are definitely some places that raise an eyebrow. Not many, but definitely some.

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First of all we all need to understand that programming isn’t an easy task,it’s not something you just stumble into and know everything in just one touch.
It’s something hard that you need to be dedicated and have passion for and be ready to learn and fail as well since there are times you will spend almost a whole day writing lines of code that only result into compiler errors on the terminal and at times like this we get frustrated and just give up and that’s where you just go on no matter the cost.Most beginners and even pros and experts go through this from time to time and just get up even after writing 1000 lines of code they still find a way to fix it and go on.
For most beginners,it’s a fact that you will encounter multiple errors from time to time especially for self-taught-programmers and from time to time you will feel like giving up but you should just get back up.Even for people like Jeff Benzos or Bill Gates,they also used to encounter such issues but they got back up and look where that got them.So also as for you,you should just get back up and continue with the long-tough journey and at the end you wont be disappointed and will be happy of your progress ahead.
So above all,dont give up just go on.Take sometime and learn,code then do it again and again and at the end you will be a pro or even an expert with professional skills in programming.So dont give up,just go on and keep up and dont rush since it also takes time to process writing codes especially for a language like C# or even C++ and at times just look up to the sky at night or even at the day and view the stars and just smile for all the things you’ve been able to do and overcome and just know your hardwork came in with a reward at the end.
All in all dont give up,learn,code and do it again and again at the end of the day you’ll be able to say that you did something productive.
Hope this will help you. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling_face: