Losing Interest and How To Move Past That

I’ve finished the “Front-End” section in freeCodeCamp and in the Colt Steele’s course “The Web Developer Bootcamp”, right now I have completed the “CSS Flexbox” section from the “Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp” but a lot of developers recommended that I should first have a firm grasp of JavaScript before moving to React, which led to reading the “You Don’t Know JavaScript” Series.

The books are amazing and offer a lot of value but the fact that I know that I’ll be reading instead of coding a specific project leads me to procrastinate and do a lot of stuff rather than studying - and don’t get me wrong, I love books.

I really want to finish this book series and I want to read “Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition”. Do you have any tips that I could follow to move past this boring/frustrating part of my Web Development career?

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Don’t stop coding to read! Books are great, but if you’re no longer working on projects so that you can read, they’re probably doing more harm than good.


I hear ya. It’s sort of this weird dissociation between what you’re learning and actually using what you’re learning to do something. If it’s a matter of needing projects or challenges I can recommend a few places:

I’ve been personally working my way through Codewars (specifically using JS as my chosen language) but it’s great for honing your skills and forcing yourself to problem solve and seek information outside of just what’s given to you. You can work though the member supplied challenges based on level (8 kyu and 7 kyu are the lowest levels). But you can also filter exercises by what they entail like arrays or strings or logic. It’s been kicking my butt but I love it :laughing:

If you’re looking for some straight up JS projects check out: https://github.com/jorgegonzalez/beginner-projects and https://github.com/karan/Projects#web

Btw I’m taking Colt’s WDB too, I’m currently on starting with Node but it’s been an awesome class so far.

My advice (and I totally agree with ArielLeslie) is to just keep coding. Supplement your learning with reading but actually using the language in meaningful ways is super important.


i want know that which structural framework/library is used in this course, (angular or react)
i though react would be easy?