Loss of direction. I need a Map!

First i would like to say that I code for up to 8 hours a day. As of late i have completely lost my direction and all of this time i am investing feels as if i am running around in circles. How do you expand your skillet? Somethings that i have starting

  • listening to Podcasts
  • Coding coding and more coding making pages for everything.
  • Taking free courses from EDx HTML CSS and JavaScript
  • Reading books "JAVASCRIPT & Jquery interactive front-end development " By Jon Duckett
    Taking suggestions on more reading materials.
    One thing i feel like i am missing is being a part of the programming community. I live in a technology wasteland, my community is more geared towards farming, and Organic living (which is great for my health and pocketbook).
    However, the closes hub I have seen that is active is maybe 120 miles away. So as of now i am trying to re-group and figure out how to expand and network, any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:
    Thank you for your time!

This might be hepful 25 Pitfalls when learning to program.


Thank you, i can see several that i have fallen into. I appreciate your feed back. This helps me a lot!

If you are not yet on Twitter, I recommend getting on and following a bunch of coders. Also, participating in #100daysOfCode is good - those folks are good at encouraging each other.

The #codenewbie chat is excellent, too.

I know these are online communities and not quite as good as the real thing, but they are something at least :slight_smile: