Lost a LOT of motivation :'( &Feeling lost

Hey there Joke!

When did you start to find it difficult here at FCC?
So far the only challenge I’ve found is to manage time to get the challenges done.

Maybe I’m either too early in the modules, or the newer curriculum design made info easier to digest…

Suck it up man!


In courses like on FCC I found it difficult to learn how to use the cascade and flexbox. And it just wouldn’t stay in my memory, so I learned the same stuff over and over again. But I finished some courses and felt that I learned a lot.

And then I started to rewrite the CSS for a real website as a volunteer for a non-profit organisation. The website was old (7-11 years) and not responsive. It has a CMS-like system for content in php. No problem, but that system gave me a few restrictions to work with.
So I updated the html, modernised the lay-out a bit and started to create the new CSS, using flexbox. I wanted it to be accessible and user friendly, which it is now :smiley:.

I’ve never made so many mistakes in such a short period of time. And I’ve never learned so much. It was really hard work and took me quite some time. Sometimes it took days to figure out how to solve certain problems. I usually had more than 10 tabs open in my browser, searching the whole internet for answers.

Or I thought everything was fine and then the whole website was messed up in older browsers. And backwards compatibility was a requirement, because the visitors use these old browsers on old computer or tablets. It’s not only about Internet Explorer, but also about iPad2, which has an old version of Safari.

CSS seems easy sometimes if you practise in a course like this. Or if you build only one page. But if you build several pages, (around 45 in my case) with all types of content, a CMS, a certain lay-out, more than one menu, parts of it with translations, and so on, that’s a whole different job.

It’s a good way to get it into your memory though. I do remember my mistakes and the search for a solution better than any lesson. :smile: And I learned to love CSS.


Indeed, just the challenges are not enough to get things deep in memory - projects fare a lot better with that :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I can get into helping nonprofits within the current year…

So far, I loved playing around with CSS animations (anyone can tell that after a glimpse in my pen), but I’m finding Javascript easier to deal with. Maybe because I’m a bit more comfortable with reading code in general?

Anyways, FCC has been a great experience :grin::+1:


The Best sentence ever!

Hi @Tech !
Dream and passion can change. Just live at the moment, try to love what you do now. If this is your choice, good for you, be responsible to your choice. If this is not your choice but you must to do it, find a way to like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Based on my experience, if you want to work professionaly, you need to keep working whatever your mood is. Even you are in bad mood or low motivation, keep moving. Appreciate every progress you make, believe that you are better than before. One day, if you try to do the same problem, you will think that it is easier than before. Don’t be too strict, Get Help option is really helpful when you stuck.

If you want to learn how to design by self taught, try to help other. For example, you are a member of an organization, try to help them by making flyer, poster, invitation letter, crew T-shirt, or logo for an event. You can try to join publication team where you will learn about layout, color, vector, how to deal with client’s (your friend’s) orders and deadline, plus you can have design portfolio. Don’t forget to have fun with those projects :smiley:


Thank you! I haven’t been back on FCC in a long time, because I have finished High School and moved on to University but I hope to be back on HTML/CSS/JS master it (bit by bit of course, try to not make the same mistakes again) and hopefully advance in my dreams of getting better at CS &for now Web Development. Great comment, thanks ! Sorry for the late reply I had posted this back in Feb 2019 X).