Lost all my account progress :(


I am already proudly a Free Code Camp member. There is my profile:

I signed up some time ago using my Facebook account as a social log-in, and this worked great up until now. Now, I no longer have access to the conneted Facebook account, so cannot use the same social log-in that I usually do for Free Code Camp. I tried signing-in with email, and with google, using the same Gmail account that is connected to my Facebook account. However, when I do this, it starts me off with a totally new Free Code Camp account and all my process is reset. Frustrating because I have quite a bit of progress saved on there.

Here is the new account it set up for me:

Please can you help me regain access to my old (actually not so old, I last used it yesterday) account?

Thank you

You will probably want to email support@freecodecamp.org. They should be able to help.

Thanks, I have done this already yesterday, but still waiting on a reply. Do you know how long it typically takes to get a response?

Unfortunately, I cannot say how long it takes to get a response. It should not be more than a couple of days, but the FCC team are only a few people and they are very busy.
Keep an eye on your spam folder as well, in case your email provider filters it by accident. :slight_smile: