Lost all my progress all of the sudden

hey guys,

what should i do i’ve i have lost all my progress. is there any way i can reported this or something to get all my progress back?

try to log in with a different email address

this happen when you log in in the wrong way and create a new account

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I tried and i confirm i was logged into the correct one. and it only showed part of the progress i have in the “Learn HTML forms by building a registration form”

i just changed from my account to another, and the thing is that for the forum i logged with one of my emails and for my the actual course i logged in with my Gmail …do you know if theres any one i can only use one account and the progress can be merged?

the forum account and the curriculum account are separate, if you want to use the same email for both you can change the email in one of them from the settings

ill check if i can change the email on the curriiculum one. Thank you!

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