Lost all my progress by accidentally merging two accounts

I wanted to switch the email on my FreeCodeCamp account. I forgot that the new email I wanted had had a FreeCodeCamp account created for it. When I changed the old account from my old email to the new one, all the progress on the account was reset to the new account. Is there any way I can get my progress back?

You may just be logging into the new account. Can you check the username you see when you log in and verify whether it was the one used by the account you want to keep or the account you want to delete?

Yeah, it’s a new username. I actually went to the URL of my old username and the profile is still there and public. https://www.freecodecamp.org/fcc7542117c

How do I log in to that one?

When you are logged in as the new one (or the one you don’t want) you can either delete that account or change its associated email to something else. If you change the email address instead of deleting, you also need to make sure you unlink any accounts (GitHub, Twitter, etc).

After doing this, if you try to log in again with the desired email address then you should be in the desired account.

Just tried that and got an error.

Never mind, I was able to delete it, but when I logged in again with the email I had set it created a new account again. I tried logging in with the old email and that did not work as well.

I think I’ve effectively locked myself out with both emails, because when I log in with them it creates new accounts. I need a way in to the old account…if possible.

I wonder if you might have typo-ed your email address when you changed it on the old account.
Only one or two people can access the account database, so I can’t do anything to change yours. You can email team@freecodecamp.org. Keep in mind that there are millions of users and only a couple people who can address your question, so please be patient.

I’ve contacted the email you gave and am waiting.

Totally forgot to say this earlier, but thanks for responding and trying to help!

I hope they’re able to figure it out. Happy coding!

Hello, so it’s been a while. I never got any responses to the email I sent, but I wasn’t about to wait and so I made a new account and started again. However, I want to use my Codepen projects for the Web Design Projects Section. Can I do so? I don’t want to have a ridiculous scenario where I can’t use my own work because it’s already been submitted under the account I’m locked out of. Will that be an issue?


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