Lost completed task after update

I just finished my tribute page and submitted the link and then I found out that FCC was just updated and now some of the exercises that I have already completed have been unchecked. Is anyone else encountering this problem?

Did you loose all of them or just some?

If you seem to have lost some, then look closer. I have most of them completed, but the ones that are unchecked are the new ones to the curriculum.

Or you may have accidentally created a new account. I did the same thing. It used to connect differently, e.g. GitHub. Now, it uses passwordless auth, as explained by Q here.

I think the procedure I did to link my old account to the new auth method was to log out of FCC (not the forum, the learning site) and then go here.

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I lost some of them because some are checked and some are not, so that would mean that I have to go into the unchecked ones and do them. I tried doing this by selecting a topic that was not checked that was before a topic that was checked. I assume that if I completed the unchecked topic I would be able to go onto another unchecked topic, but when I finished one unchecked it advanced me to the next topic in the curriculum that was checked. When I click on the curriculum link to see the curriculum map, the next topic was unchecked, but it was checked off previously. Have you had this same occurrence?

What you are seeing is new lessons that have been added. A lot of the new challenges were added to early sections of the curriculum. This means that it’s perfectly normal to see some un-checked lessons in sections that you have previously completed. It is 100% up to you whether you want to go do those new lessons or not.