Lost hours of work

Hi all,
After I worked more hours in the day, I started to do The Certification Project, - Product Landing Page - and almost finished more than half of it. Suddenly, I was logged off automatically after many hours of work and when I logged back in, my advance was back on point 7 (seven) of “Learn CSS grid by Building a Magazine”.
It is not first time when it is happening. But now I lost to many hours of work…
Now I try to go back where I was, checking often my Curriculum to see if what I do is updated on interface.
My advise now, check often your Curriculum to avoid surprises. And save your code on your computer.
Happy coding!


It really should save your progress as long as you are signed in. No matter how you get signed out.

I realize having to redo the code isn’t fun. But in all fairness, you are not losing work as long as you are learning. The final goal is not just passing the challenges it is learning stuff doing the challenges. I wouldn’t put too much value into the checkmarks and certificates. They are not the important part, what you learned is.

But again having to redo the challenges isn’t ideal, although repetition is valuable when learning. Forced repetition might actually be a win in some cases. Just to put a sunny side to it. :sun_with_face:

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@lasjorg - Thank you for your message. I appreciate the encouragement.
Yes, repetition is the best way to learn. I often usually go back and check what I’ve done and I fill good when I can see that I understand much better and memorised the syntax, the way to obtain what I want. I like to understand, not just to memorise.
I just wanted to tell that saving your work often, on your computer for example, could be beneficial. It is important to keep the motivation up :slight_smile:
Anyway, I enjoy what I’m doing… a lot! I do not complain, not at all! What I honestly regret is that I didn’t started earlier to learn…
Still, I dream about my IoT projects… JavaScript is next :nerd_face:

I agree saving your code locally is a good idea.

Keep it up and happy coding!

Hello @chris2022,

Maybe it was a adblock malfunction ? Or some brower “clear cookies” option?
Just check those in any case :grinning:

Wish you the best of luck in your learning journey :+1:

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A nice tip is to use versioning, post your exercises on Github, it’s a way to save what you’ve done and use it later as a professional experience. Good luck and sucess!

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@Rufflito - yes. Could be :innocent:
I disable ad-block now. I had no problems before.
And could be cookies, too. I like to understand when something it is happening, why is happening. And I believe I’ve done something unusual.
Thank you for your message!

@KilviaSantos - good tip :nerd_face:
I will!

Thank you!

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