Lost in the sauce?

the title was to lure you in.

I am very new to coding (i only started last month) and there have been some highs and many LOWS. the lows are so bad sometimes that i want to close my laptop forever. but the highs keep me going… when i get that one test correct all by myself, i really feel like i can take over the world.

Anyway, I’ve been playing the Learn To Code RPG, and it showed me the importance of community in this journey, but since there’s no people around me doing this I decided to say hi to everyone here. I never know what to say on forums, and i find it very hard to ask for help but I am taking this tiny step today.

Please share how your journey has been so far and inspire and motivate the next person who will view this thread (what i really wanna say is please inspire and motivate me lol )


Hey, welcome to the forum.

Just beware, this isn’t a forum in the sense of a place to hang out and chat. But if people have coding questions, they can ask them here. This was built to support the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, but other questions are welcome.

I highly recommend finding a coding meetup. If you can’t find an in person one, then virtual can work. They can be great places to feel part of a community.


noted, and thank you so much for letting me know and for welcoming me!

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