Lost in the space

Hey guys!! just a quick doubt here, and I’m interested on how do you approach this… I feel like I understand all the syntax and examples but when it comes to applying it in a logical way, I get lost on it, everything turns into a maze of concepts and possibilities. Is there any process or way to focus and get over this feeling that you can share? thanks alot!!!

  • Patience
  • Do one thing at a time

Think for example of a motor engineer. They need to build a motor. Well, there is a million possibilities and it gets complex.

The only way out is going bit by bit, and having practiced how each component works.

First, how to declare variables, if/else statements, loops, functions. And practizing enough on each step, until you see how to combine them.

There are questions that could normally help:

  • How would I organize this data? Is it a string, an array, or an object?
  • Do I packet this code on a function to isolate it and make it reusable?
  • etc

I think when you do enough project, it will come naturally to you. Start from a simple project like tic-tac-toe game. Start from somewhere, and you will find that this not a maze anymore.

this article contains some of the best beginner JavaScript projects to start.

No matter how much you plan ahead your code will change as it is being coded and then again after you revisit it and inevitably refactor it.

Starting is half the battle, the rest happens pretty organically as you code. Plan but don’t overthink it, otherwise, you will just get stuck at the start.

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