Lost job due to covid

After working for 9 months for the company they recently asked me to resign .This has brought anxiety in me which i am not able to handle.I am not able to concentrate or think what should i do because as the current scenario nothing seems coming in front of me .Although i have decided to drop angular for my upcoming job hunt and started taking lessons on react.Requesting my peers to advice me how should i deal with the situation

I am sorry to hear that you lost your job due to COVID.

I was in a nearly similar situation, I know for Canadians there have been a few websites created to help those in this situation: https://www.thehelplist.ca/ is one example.

If possible, I would suggest:

  • Talking with your recent manager and colleagues to see if they have contacts elsewhere, they might be able to personally recommend you for an interview if they have capacity.
  • Update your resumé and linkedin (if you do not have a linkedin, I would definitely recommend making one).
  • Searching for – and adding yourself to – existing recruitment sites for your country of residence / work.

I am not in a position to offer actual healthcare advice, but, in my personal opinion, if you are able to find the time please visit a healthcare practitioner as soon as you can. I say this because you mention that your anxiety is affecting your ability to think and function, they might be able to help.

As far as React vs Angular goes, I always follow the 80/20 rule, if you are comfortable with Angular and require work quickly I would say keep an open mind to those jobs. You can always look for more work after you are hired. On that note though, I know for recent surveys on Stackoverflow, both frameworks are considered high ranking (top 3).

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Thanks for your advice

I’m really sorry that happened to you. Unless you have some reason that you desperately don’t want to work in Angular anymore, I would keep it on your resume and keep your skills up on it. I also would go ahead and apply for React jobs. With a bit of research you can learn what the significant differences are between Angular and React (besides syntax) and it would be perfectly reasonable to tell interviewers that you haven’t worked professionally in React, but you’ve worked in Angular and you are confident that you could pick it up pretty quickly. When it comes down to it, if you know your JavaScript well, picking up a framework is very manageable on-the-job. It takes less time than learning the new codebase, imho.

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