Lost my data having been away

Lost my data having been away
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I have just come back to freecodecamp after a few months out and im now met with a new log in page saying they no longer are using github. On confirming my email address I get into freecodecamp but all the work i previously did has now gone? Is this permanent or can i get it back? If I long in through the old link it shows me my old profile with everything I did but will not allow me to complete new courses?


The good news is that your progress isn’t gone. If your public portfolio shows that no lessons have been completed, it means that when you logged in the first time it created a new account instead of linking to your existing one. (Your username would probably be a random string of gibberish in this case.) If that has happened, then your two accounts need to be manually merged by Quincy. You can email team@freecodecamp.org with your account details. Please try to be patient. Quincy is only one guy and he’s getting a ton of emails right now.

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