Lost pretty much everything

So i signed up a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed the lessons and want to go for certification!

I started from the very beginning and got up to [38]… I logged back in earlier this week, and it has all gone! i am back at [1]!

I have seen some posts regarding duplicate accounts / github accounts previously for people with the same issue, however i only signed up using 1 email address, no github / facebook linking. I have also verified my email.

It just seems so ironic that a website exclusively aimed at coding, has lost the progress of people because of a coding issue! :smiley:

I assume your username for the forum is not the same as the one you used for the FreeCodeCamp.org site? If you know your username for that site, then you can check your progress by going to https://www.freecodecamp.org/yourUserName

Thanks for the quick response! As far as i can remember, i never gave a username.

I tried the link, but unfortunately, i get this message: “We couldn’t find a page for /yourUserName”

Not sure what else to try

When you are logged into the freecodecamp.org site, you can view your profile, by clicking on the upper-right hand circle (your photo or a letter will show here). Once you click on it, you will see a username near the top left of a drop down menu. Click that username and you will see all the challenges you have completed. If you do not see that, then let us know.

Had a look, and in the top right corner, there is a square icon with a person at a laptop (all brown tones).

When i click on it, i have option to change settings, link with github, signout etc. But there is no user name. There is a long string of letters & numbers though (fccd3269920-b63e-4964-b674-ab6a1f193bd3)

It does seemed to have saved the re-submitted pieces up to [8] now. I will try another solution if any are available, but think i will just have to re-do all the other lessons and hope it still saves this time!

Thanks for your advice