Lost Progress, can someone help?

Hello, I have finished the 7 courses of the write your first code using c# section then I gained, verified, and submitted the first trophy. However after restarting my device, the progress was lost.

My userID where I had the progress is: fcc6016c19a-87c2-4457-8abd-5358ae4f019a

Now, every time I login, I am assigned a new user ID, which may be why I have problems

Is there a way for me to recover my progress? Also, is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future?

make sure to log in with the same email address you used the first time.

Hi, thanks for the answer. I am using the same email each time, but I still have a different user ID every time I login.

It may be relevant that the user ID changes only when there is a larger interval between the time of logging out, and logging back in (such as an hour or two). When logging out and logging back in immediately, the user ID remains the same.

the user ID you say seems to be the account username, so you are creating a new account each time you log in. Please write to support@freecodecamp.org

I will do so. thank you